Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hair Update: Split Ends

So, I've been rocking a fro for some weeks now, mostly because I just don't feel like doing anything else. However, I have bee n doing the no-poo method for I'll say a month and I can tell a bit of a difference in my hair. I just have to do a bit better on the keeping it moisturized, now it's not try well it is now but my hair holds stuff pretty well but I noticed I have split ends that hair has grown on and I haven't had a trim since probably this time last year. What do I do? I don't want to cut as I have about inch or two of grown from the split end and another issue I keep having are these darn knot not single knots but curly knots on my ends. I detangle when I wash and stuff but it still happens. UGH!! I talked to one of my friends that is also natural and she suggested I do the baggie method, which is something along the lines of moisture(leave-in or water) then sealing and covering with a shower cap, then proceeding to wrap with the normal sleepy time attire.I am going to attempt that right now before I go to bed. Will let you know how it goes, hopefully I can repair the split ends. Happy New Year and hope you all had A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Tiffany said...

Cut the split ends. I know it's painful but it must be done at some point.

Briana said...

I think you should probably cut the spilt ends too. I have to get mine cut too.

Cricket said...

I'm sad :( I don't know any natural stylists around here that can do it. Any suggestions? Cause I know I can't do it myself.

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