Saturday, March 19, 2011

Seborrheic dermatitis

What is Seborrheic dermatitis? It is quite common inflammation of the skin which causes the scalp to flake in areas that have oil over production. For the longest, I thought I just had regular dandruff, but the itching was just unbearable, so I went to a dermatologist who told me I had this condition. He prescribed me 2% ketaconazale shampoo that I was supposed to leave on my hair for about 5 minutes. I also had to use another regular shampoo after because it would dry out my hair. Of course, I did not like this because as soon I washed my hair, I would feel itchy. Maybe it just a nerves thing. Now, that I am completely natural, I am more particular about what I put in my hair, and I love creating/researching products for all my hair needs. So, imagine my enthusiasm when I happen upon a essential oil remedy for my condition. The recipe consists of using essential oils bergamot, sandalwood and lemongrass(the dominant scent), which are mixed together with a carrier oil. You should never put an essential oil on your skin without a carrier oil. If you have allergies make sure to test on a small portion of your skin to make sure you will not have an allergic reaction. I would start first with about two teaspoons of the carrier oil and maybe four drops of each essential oil and then build it up to the amount you want from there. I currently have about 190 ml bottle of it that I massage it into my scalp a couple times a week, but so far so good.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little girl, Embrace your Curls!!

I have a younger cousin that has the prettiest long natural hair, but she want to wear it straight. She has not embraced her natural curliness. How can she when people keep saying her hair is unmanageable and that she needs a perm. She most definitely doesn't need a perm, her hair is not kinky but a straight kind of tight coiled curls. And it's really thick. I'm worried about her hair, and the difficulty of getting others to see that using natural products that are made at home are not bad. Buying store bought products is not all there is,sometimes being your own chemist works, especially if you have allergies. Why is this? Well you know what's in the product.Most store bought products have ingredients that are hard to pronounce. I mean how hard is it to say this product contains almond oil instead of Prunus dulcis or Prunusamygdalus, not everyone is a scientist.Anyhow,I've gotten off track. I wish my little cousin would someday love her curls, and not think that straight is the only kind of beauty.

Blow Out and Straightened

I have worn my curls for so long, I decided to attempt to flat iron it straight. My hair when straight is really soft and loves to curl back up when I sweat or get hot. So, currently its pulled back into a ponytail. I had to go get my ends trimmed because of a little heat damage, however it was time for a trim anyway.I used my Conair Infiniti blow dryer that has the comb on it and I borrowed my friends Chi to flatten my hair out. It did a good job, just that my ends were a bit frazzled(heat damage). I'm just lazy and don't want to curl my own hair, and now I'm disheartened about putting heat in it again. Basically, this post is to say find a really good heat protectant, if you intend to use heated tools in your hair. I learned that I really don't want to wear my hair straight right now, I mean that was the whole point of me going natural. Maybe I'll try again another time when I buy or make a good heat protector, or next time just do roller set under the dryer. I know that's still heat but it not the blow dryer then flat iron combination.Now off to wet my hair!!