Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baggie Method Update

I mentioned in my previous post Hair Update: Split Ends that I was going to try the baggie method and it works great! My hair is soft, moisturized and still wet. Though, I'm not certain it should still be wet but anyway this is a good method because my hair has been really dry lately. I have the type of hair that takes a lot of water just to get it wet then when it's wet takes forever to dry. But I didn't drown my hair in water, just misted it and put the oil and some shealoe on then the plastic cap thingy  and etc. Now, it is dry but not as dry as it has been, the oil is still in my hair when I touch it but alas will talk to you guys again later, going to try to post more. Happy New Year!


Tiffany said...

What exactly is this baggie method. please educate me since it seems that we have a similar hair texture.

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