Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make yourself a priority

I have to at some point evaluate my life and make myself a priority. My mama was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes the other day after going days with symptoms of excessive thirst, vision deterioration and constant need to pee. My brother has high blood pressure and my aunt does, too. My grandma also had high blood pressure and was diagnosed with renal disease about two years before she passed away. I have been told by my doctor that my vitatmin D is low, though I feel that directly correlates with my work schedule. I work late nights and am usually sleep during the day, so not much sun for me. Basically looking at my family history, I have no desire to go through what they are going through, especially when I can take precautions to at least prevent it. 
Somewhere along my journey, I lost track of my weight and eating habits. I can't pinpoint exactly when the weight got completely out of hand but I do know that when I started taking contraceptives my body began to change and so did my eating I suppose, though I believe what I was inhaling was the same types of foods. Needless to say I weigh a lot, and people will continue to say, "you look good, I can't tell you weigh that much" or "No you don't". How can they know what I myself see on the scale or in pictures. So, how can I fix this? By making it a priority to understand my relationship with food and exercise. I am so not a gym person but I do have a gym membership, I just need to make a plan to go to it. It is my goal to become more educated on the types of foods that I need and how they will interact with my body. Hopefully, in time I will come back with news of better healthier me.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Poo

I have for past two only co-washed my hair, and its worked out fine. However, I need to figure out what my regime was before I had my product junkie moment. I've been using bentonite clay as my cleansing method of choice but may make some shampoo to clean my scalp. My dermatitis issues are not as severe as when I was permed so that is a plus but I do need to make some more scalp treatment for that. As you probably can tell I'm a bit scattered and exhausted but all will be well soon as I get over this cold that I just can't shake. All in all my hair is doing fine, it's much longer now...a little past shoulder length.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Baggie Method Update

I mentioned in my previous post Hair Update: Split Ends that I was going to try the baggie method and it works great! My hair is soft, moisturized and still wet. Though, I'm not certain it should still be wet but anyway this is a good method because my hair has been really dry lately. I have the type of hair that takes a lot of water just to get it wet then when it's wet takes forever to dry. But I didn't drown my hair in water, just misted it and put the oil and some shealoe on then the plastic cap thingy  and etc. Now, it is dry but not as dry as it has been, the oil is still in my hair when I touch it but alas will talk to you guys again later, going to try to post more. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hair Update: Split Ends

So, I've been rocking a fro for some weeks now, mostly because I just don't feel like doing anything else. However, I have bee n doing the no-poo method for I'll say a month and I can tell a bit of a difference in my hair. I just have to do a bit better on the keeping it moisturized, now it's not try well it is now but my hair holds stuff pretty well but I noticed I have split ends that hair has grown on and I haven't had a trim since probably this time last year. What do I do? I don't want to cut as I have about inch or two of grown from the split end and another issue I keep having are these darn knot not single knots but curly knots on my ends. I detangle when I wash and stuff but it still happens. UGH!! I talked to one of my friends that is also natural and she suggested I do the baggie method, which is something along the lines of moisture(leave-in or water) then sealing and covering with a shower cap, then proceeding to wrap with the normal sleepy time attire.I am going to attempt that right now before I go to bed. Will let you know how it goes, hopefully I can repair the split ends. Happy New Year and hope you all had A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Avocado Deep Conditoner Part 2: Recipe

I'm back with a recipe and a video that I found on YouTube. I really like the video, it is the best one I saw while I was searching for a recipe. Though I didn't use all the ingredients, I used some of them. I believe the recipe that I was shown at the hair group meeting required the same ingredients, but more oils I believe. The problem is I couldn't remember all the ones she used. Any who, what I used was a combo of what was in the video and what I got from the meeting. The ingredients: 2 large avocados, avocado oil, almond oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, honey and mayo. I used my blender for this, a small spoon for the avocado and to stir when it got stuck or whatnot, and a regular size serving spoon for the mayo. Now, in the other recipes, I noticed they used eggs, which I forgot to put in this but it turned out fairly well, a much better upgrade to the runny green poo.I'm sorta of glad that I forgot the eggs because I think that is too much protein for my hair, and I don't think the curls like too much of that. Bu the way this batch had a more creamy firm consistency, and texture. It was much easier to put in my hair....Love it!!! It moisturized my hair so well, I think I'm going to attempt to use this as an after shampoo treatment to see how it does, just curious. I washed my hair with my shampoo I make and then followed that up with the Curls coconut conditioner, then I rubbed a little oil into my slightly damp hair and followed that up with some Shealoe, which I also made.As I've stated before I don't really measure what I make, sorry but you can use the recipe in the video as a guide, and also you can use other oils as well.


The Video

Monday, December 12, 2011

Avocado Deep Conditioner

Some weeks ago I went to my first natural hair group, and I felt that it was very helpful. I learned about other natural and transitioning ladies trials and triumphs but my favorite part was the homemade products demos. I diligently wrote down everything as I love learning new things and I love mixing. Well, I tried it, though the lady was putting a lot of different things in it, somehow I lost track and must not have written it down. So, when I went to make it my stuff turned out like green poo, however my hair was so moisturized. I admit I didn't want to wash it out afterwards, but I did. I am going to try it out again before I post a recipe, though that means I either have to ask for it again or come up with my own. Hmmmm, my own sounds good, well I'll think about it. Till next post whenever that will be as I have been devoting most of my time to my other blog but I am going to make an effort to post more to this one. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's been 2 years!!

Two years ago I took a big step and decided to go natural. Though about two years ago I attempted this and let "love" get in the way. Big no no, my hair would be so much longer than it is now. It has been an adventure for me because my style options are so diverse, especially since I am constantly changing my hair. It is difficult for me to maintain a weave in my now, which means I can NOT stand it in my hair for longer than week, if that. I am so glad I made this step and embraced my curls and its natural beauty. Even though, those that love me still have not adjusted to this change, I will stand firm in my decision and they will just have to jump on the on board or shut up about it. Because in the end it is MY hair, my life, not theirs.Someday, I hope they will not be so caught up in the mindset that permed hair is what is considered beautiful and that natural hair is unbecoming, unnatural, and unmanageable. You have to take just as much care of permed hair as you do natural, if not more so. Needless to say whatever you choose for your hair, make sure it's for you because people will always have something to say and you can never make them happy, but you, can!Embrace your curls!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Favorite Earrings

I love earrings, however I have a tendency to lose one or both earrings. After losing an expensive pair of studs from Kay Jewelry, I only buy cheap ear accessories from the hair store. Now they have some cute stuff at the hair store and some down right ugly stuff at the hair store but we will focus on the cute stuff. I hardly ever buy earrings from jewelry stores like Claire's now, but I do love the hair accessories there rather than at the dollar jewelry store we have in the mall. Some places order the most horrendous hair accessories. But that's another post for another time....back to my ears, at some point I will have to buy an expensive pair of earrings for my second piercing which at the moment remain unadorned. Why? Because fake earrings even the ones for sensitive ears irritate,strangely only the second hole. Hopefully, I will be making my own jewelry soon.I will post some photos of my favorite ear kabobs soon.