Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hair Type and Texture

 Coil out with braids
I have finally identified my hair type and texture. I am a 4A with some strangely straight curls near the nape of my neck.The overall texture is very coiled and cotton-like. I have the type of hair that has to be immersed in water just to get it soaking wet. This type of hair draws up tighter than its actual length, so it looks like I have a short fro, but when I do a textured style like a twist or coil out, I can see that it's actually longer than it is.I'm learning that it helps knowing what the texture and type of hair you have especially when looking for products, as its makes it easier to decide what you need based on this information.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Curly Hair in Poetry

When researching books on natural hair care, I stumbled across this poem by Harriet Jacobs in one the books I had checked out. I felt it best represents how I felt about my struggle with my hair. I am someone who truly dislikes sitting for long periods of time in the beauty salon, as I really don't understand still why it takes so long. Mostly the problem for me was stylists overbooking, anyhow and add to that the price of beauty equals a very disgruntled chica. I am a low maintenance girl, and I love the fact that if I don't want to style my curls I can just rock a fro. I could go on and on about this but will save it for a later topic.
Here is...

On Extending the Olive Branch to My Own Self

what was i doing anyway
was i crazy did i think 
that by beating it into submission
i would win something
i've witnessed other casualties of war
the eyes of madness 
that wandered through my neighborhood
after nam what made me think
self-inflicted war would be 
more merciful
or that oils and lubricants 
metal combs of fire/chemical assault/all the
forces that modern technology could marshal 
would ever win out over mother nature
& tell me this/what made me think 
that would be a victory 

a postscript
to my brothers and sisters:

it maters not how we wear it 
but if we begin to wrap ourselves 
just as tightly around each other 
& refuse to let go 
if we rise up mighty like a dark cloud 
& resist all efforts to change nature 
of who we really are
when we learn to stand 
just as unshakable 
in the beauty of our strength
and the strength of our beauty 


Harriet Jacobs
If you are interested in more African American poetry or in this poem look in this anthology Spirit & Flame: an anthology of contemporary African American Poetry by Keith Gilyard and Black Hair: Art, Style and Culture edited by Ima Ebong

Monday, January 3, 2011

Still here!

At the moment trying to work on a program at my library for people interested in going natural or are natural and want more information on the process. I personally feel FREE! I love my curls. I am still researching the essential oils for hair but an important thing for going natural as with any new adventure, you have got to do your research on the products and ingredients for yourself. Mostly from there it's trial and error.