Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's been 2 years!!

Two years ago I took a big step and decided to go natural. Though about two years ago I attempted this and let "love" get in the way. Big no no, my hair would be so much longer than it is now. It has been an adventure for me because my style options are so diverse, especially since I am constantly changing my hair. It is difficult for me to maintain a weave in my now, which means I can NOT stand it in my hair for longer than week, if that. I am so glad I made this step and embraced my curls and its natural beauty. Even though, those that love me still have not adjusted to this change, I will stand firm in my decision and they will just have to jump on the on board or shut up about it. Because in the end it is MY hair, my life, not theirs.Someday, I hope they will not be so caught up in the mindset that permed hair is what is considered beautiful and that natural hair is unbecoming, unnatural, and unmanageable. You have to take just as much care of permed hair as you do natural, if not more so. Needless to say whatever you choose for your hair, make sure it's for you because people will always have something to say and you can never make them happy, but you, can!Embrace your curls!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Favorite Earrings

I love earrings, however I have a tendency to lose one or both earrings. After losing an expensive pair of studs from Kay Jewelry, I only buy cheap ear accessories from the hair store. Now they have some cute stuff at the hair store and some down right ugly stuff at the hair store but we will focus on the cute stuff. I hardly ever buy earrings from jewelry stores like Claire's now, but I do love the hair accessories there rather than at the dollar jewelry store we have in the mall. Some places order the most horrendous hair accessories. But that's another post for another time....back to my ears, at some point I will have to buy an expensive pair of earrings for my second piercing which at the moment remain unadorned. Why? Because fake earrings even the ones for sensitive ears irritate,strangely only the second hole. Hopefully, I will be making my own jewelry soon.I will post some photos of my favorite ear kabobs soon.