Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bentonite Clay

I tried bentonite clay for the first time last night as a facial and a hair mask. I must say it was pretty good. I noticed a number of naturals use the sodium bentonite which looks gray in color, but I used the calcium bentonite which is good for internal and external use and is brown. I can't wait to try this out on my little cousin's hair, she is in much need of detoxification. My hair and scalp felt so soft and clean, much cleaner than just shampooing, which I didn't do before or after the clay mask. I did however, this morning put conditioner in it, which some people suggested to do.I will continue to use the clay in my hair for a while to see the differences in my hair from using it over a long period of time. My mama loves it! She can't stop herself from eating it, LOL! As usual I will continue to research and at some point when I can get myself settled, I will be a semi posting maniac.


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